Waiting on the world to change

I was sitting in the teachers lounge the other day and the conversation turned to the economic “crisis” that is sweeping the nation. They were talking about how they had stopped watching the news and reading the newspaper because it was so depressing and that some were surprised that there weren’t people jumping off buildings because they have lost everything, others chimed in that there were in fact suicides from this recent downturn of the economy . That made me think about the sad estate of the U.S. When people have put all their stock, their hard work, their worth in the things of this life it makes me sad. Because it is inevitable that all things on this earth die, they waste away and nothing lasts. When those things fade, your wealth you have built, your possessions, your status in your job that you have worked so hard to obtain and it is gone on the whim of a breeze, what is there left to live for? Does anything matter anymore now that it’s gone?

Perhaps I am not the one to be speaking on this, I don’t have a 401K, I don’t have stocks that I have lost, or a pension. I haven’t been in a big disaster where I’ve lost all my belongings. So maybe I can’t speak from personal experience, but I can say that I am not putting much stock in this world because the world can hang at any minute. The world revolves around, not just physically but also in history. This is not the first time the U.S. has gone through this, and it most likely won’t be the last. The economy will recover and the gas prices will go up and the world will keep spinning around and people will still jump off buildings. Only one thing remains the same, God. And that’s were I invest my time and put my fortune, cause He never fails, He never crashes, His prices don’t change.

I think that one of the biggest reasons that we have this problem is the consumer attitude that we have here in America. The best way to illustrate it is the recent Subaru Forester commercial that is on t.v. A man’s voice comes on and narrates on how much they love their old Forester, but they heard that the newest model had come out and they really wanted it. So they had to make room in their garage for the new Forester. At first you think, oh, they are selling their old one, but no they are just buying another one and getting rid of a boat. That I feel epitomizes the American mentality. “If it’s new, I need it! Even if I have one already!”
I’m not perfect, and yes I do sometimes fall into that pit. It’s hard not to when that has been your whole life. People have lived at certain level in their life, and now that times are hard instead of changing their lifestyle or their thinking on how to use and handle their money, they need more! More to continue living in their comfortable lifestyle! But bailing out big corporations isn’t working. One of the big loan companies took a huge trip for their CEO’s that was in the millions once they got their huge check. They don’t need more money, WE don’t need more money! We need an attitude change, we need a life change!

I want to say again, I am not perfect. And those who know me know that can attest to my many imperfections. But it saddens my heart when I hear about people giving up on life when things are hard, when the life they are used to, the things of this life that they think are important come crashing down and there are no other options in their life. I don’t really know what else to say. It just is so…


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