Crafty Craftiness!

I am having fun and relaxing while being productive!! What could be better I ask you?

Well I am making cards and scrapbooking for a contest, but even if I don’t win, I will love my new ideas and finding more creative cards and layouts!

I don’t have the two scrapbook page layouts I want yet, but I have pretty much everything else. I kind of need to make a decision on my cards though cause I can only submit 2 different types.

This was a fun card. I love the ribbon! It’s silky and reminds me of chocolate!

This is one of my fav’s!! It looks so cool and delicious! I got this pattern from Brandon’s mom at one of her stamp classes!

This is attempt 1 and 2. 2 turned out better. I think I may take the sliding cover on the blue one and create a new card to match it better. I like these but I think I used too much stamp for the contest. But they are still pretty!!!

I LOVE THESE OWLS!!! They are so cute!! I found the card online and made my own pattern, which I will totally share! I used sparkly puffy paint for the colorful owls’ (which is my favorite owl) feathers.

This is a trifold card and I like it but I may make another model. A different one…hmm…

I like this one. This was fun to make and it’s super colorful! Which I love! And it has ribbons and sparkles!



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