Heart of stone

I saw this heart shaped hole in this pillar today.

It figures that I move out of my hometown of little ‘ol Canby and they get a movie theater…

The first picture is of the brand new theatre that just opened on Friday.

(The other pic is of a hole I found in this pillar today.It has nothing to do with the movies.)

But that’s okay since I don’t live that far away and tickets are only $6!!!
My dad gave Brandon and I two free tickets for the movies last night. We saw “Cirque details Freak: The Magicians Apprentice. ” It was pretty good, definitely a movie from a book. I’d like to read the series of which there are 7 in the series. Hopefully they will make at least one more in the movie series because this one was left WIDE open at the end. If they don’t then don’t bother seeing it cause it will confuse you and leave you hanging off a steep cliff of endless confusion and dissatisfaction, which may end your faith in the capability of the movie industries ability to produce quality book to movie translations that satisfy our reasonable desire for quality entertainment.


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