Christmas Traditions

Last year my extended family decided that instead of exchanging gifts for Christmas we would do something for someone else. My Grandma introduced us to Operation Christmas Child.

The organization, headed by Samaritans Purse (click on the link above to see more) is really an amazing thing. Essentially you provide Christmas gifts to kids in impoverished places while spreading the love of Christ at the same time.

All you do is get a shoe box and fill it with toothpaste and hairbrushs’ and toys and school supplies and soaps, and underwear and candy and other fun things like that!Then you add $7 or more in the box and drop it off at a specified location. You can pay online and then track where your box goes! (Which is what we are doing this year!)

My family gets together and we have snacks and drinks and then we put all our stuff that we bought for the kids into piles on the table and fill up shoe boxes till we are out of stuff! It is so super fun to shop and pack boxes! I LOVE it! And it’s a great way to spend time with your family in a selfless way! It has totally become a new tradition with us.

We have to do it in early November though cause the dates to turn them in are in November. It’s still not too late to do it though! It is so worth it! Check out the site and watch the video. Get some friends together or your family and start a new tradition this year!


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  1. what a great idea! … i always make sure to give to charity all year round, but especially during Christmas time. Christmas can be a very sad event for those who are not fortunate enough to have the daily basics or feel neglected and alone. that's an awesome idea and what's more you're involving the whole family! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas filled everything that your hearts desire :)Cheers,Marica

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