Christmas thoughts

Today Elizabeth, one of my coworkers, asked me about Christmas. How things were going and all that. I actually answered honestly instead of the usual fine, or good, or GRRRRREAT!
I want to say that it has been super-fantastic-awesome! Not that it has been bad. But I don’t have the usual traditions that I am used to and that is mostly due to this whole thing called marriage.

It’s awesome that I am married and Brandon and I get to start our own traditions. But at the same time I was happy with my own traditions. I don’t really want to change. And while I keep some, like with my family, I am also adding his family traditions and starting our own.

My perspective on Christmas and the spirit of it that I love and enjoy so much is not at all in Brandon. It’s just a new thing.

What I love about Christmas is the hope and the joy and the love of the season. There is all this hope. The hope of the Savior coming and fulfilled that we read and hear during the season. The hope for presents, the hope for snow (that’s me!!), the hope to hear Santa’s sleigh, the hope that everyone can be there together to celebrate.

The joy of seeing a person get a gift, the joy of finding that perfect gift, the joy of music.

The love of family and spreading joy and hope to others. (sigh)

So I just wanted to share that thought.
Or those thoughts.



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