One Year

Today is our one year anniversary. It’s crazy to think how fast time flies. We went away for a few days to the coast in celebration. Woo-Hoo!!

Here we are after one year!

Obviously still having fun. 🙂

The year has been interesting and looking back I’m not sure I could tell you everything that has happened.

Brandon and I have made some new goals for our second year, just some things we want to improve upon. But for me personally I’m going to try something that I tried once before which is doing a photography journal.

I tried doing one a few years ago and probably would have continued but printing out the pictures for every day was hard.
Essentially it’s daily journaling with pictures. I would print out a picture for each day of the year as the year went on. For example if I went to a concert then I would print a picture of the concert and maybe journal something in there. Sometimes it would be big, sometimes small. A quote, a song, or something completely random.
I think I made it a month. lol
So instead I have decided to try making my blog my year long picture journal.
Some days it will be one and some days it will be more.
Consider this day one.

Will you take this adventure with me? Let’s see how far we go!


Oh and here is what my AMAZING man got me for our anniversary!!


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