STOP Child Trafficking!

September 23rd, 2010

Human Trafficking.
This breaks my heart.
Children are brought into the UNITED STATES to be USED!!

Used in exploitation, prostitution, pornography, migrant work, sweat shops, domestic servitude, forced labor, bondage, peonage or involuntary servitude.

Can you believe this!?

I dont understand how a person could be so unimaginably horrible!

If you have seen the movie Taken, think along those lines.

But not just teenage girls,

Children too.

And not just in some foreign land.

But right here in Portland.

This is one of the biggest places.

A group called Stop Child Trafficking Now is working to put an end to this.
There is a walk on October 2nd to raise funds and awareness.

It’s only a 3 mile walk and it’s free to register if you would like to join.
I will be there and so will Brandon and our friend Hannah.
You can join our group if you would like.
We are registered under Eastside Foursquare Church

Here is the link:

My goal is to raise $10. I think I can at least do that.

If you want to help us out here’s where to donate:

Think about it.


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