Food challenge #2

September 28th, 2010

So here is food challenge #2!
Make Ahead Muffins!

Which I took for “Go ahead and make them!!”
But really it meant “Make the night before!!!”

But whatever.

So the recipe is like an egg salad,
Hard boiled eggs (cut up)
Bacon, but I didn’t have bacon so I fried up some ham
Garlic Powder
and I added paprika because it sounds cool…
and tastes good.

Honestly, I’m always afraid to boil eggs.
The first time I boiled eggs on my own I put the pot on the stove, added the eggs, turned up the heat aaaaaand…..
Completely forgot about it for 30 min and came back to a pot completely devoid of water and eggs exploded all over the kitchen.
I had no idea eggs could explode like that!
But they can. And do.

But I digress…
My eggs did turn out perfect!

SO you mix all the ingredients, you are supposed to refridgerate overnight, the part I skipped, and pile a scoop on half and english muffin and broil till bubbly!

I cheated and used my toaster oven which has a broil setting!!

And here they are!! yum yum!!

Thank you Brandon and Amy West for being my patient taste testers!!

Here’s the link:




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