SCTNow walk.

October 2nd, 2010

So today was the Stop Child Trafficking Now Walk.

It was at 10.

Which means we had to be there before that.

Which meant i needed to be up Earlier than that.

I didn’t really want to get out of my warm, soft, pillow topped, covered in down blanket bed.

But today wasn’t for me.

It was for those who couldn’t get up and help themselves.

So Brandon and I got up and got coffee.

Yeay coffee!!!

And we met up with Hannah and her mom and her adorable son Dominic.

They had a performer there, Enric Sefa, who is a Rwanda survivor from the genocide there. He was very talented.

Hannah and I decided we were NOT to old to have our faces painted!!

The walk was only 3 miles, which went by really fast!

Perhaps it was because I was walking for a good cause…

Perhaps it was because I was united with others a team determined to right a wrong.

Perhaps because 3 miles isn’t very long…

whatever the reason, we crossed the Hawthorne, walked to Taylor, then crossed the Morrison.

Marcus joined us as we came off the Morrison bridge, better late than never!

It was a good walk and we celebrated with a trip to Chipotle!

I love Chipotle!

Until next year…


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