Food Challenge #3

October 6th, 2010

This weeks recipie, caare of Alexis, is Spaghetti and Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes.

The thing I love about the Pioneer Woman, who is the wonderful author of this awesome recipie, she always talks about using what you have in your pantry.

Well, as I went through what I had, I realized I was missing half of the stuff called for!

But that’s life.

So I did have artichokes,
but i had no tomatoes…
so I put in spinach and mushrooms.

I didnt’ have chicken broth, but I did have chicken bullion, which is aparently a cooking faux pas, but WHO CARES!!! *laughs maniacly*

I didn’t have olive oil, I used canola.

OH! And I used marinated artichokes!! SO THERE!!!

Anyways, it was delicious!

So there it is!

Yum Yum!



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