Food Challenge #4

October 14th, 2010

This week was my turn to choose a meal!! YEAY!!

So I chose Stir Fry. Another dish I have never made.

And one that I looked at the day of and went, “ooops! Don’t have that…and don’t have that…and don’t have that…. oh well! “

And that’s my life.

In a nutshell.

or this recipe,

in a wok.

So here’s the original recipie! :

and the following is the Becky version.

I used brown rice. I haven’t always been the best rice maker in the world, so i was a little nervous pouring this rice in…hopefully it would turn out ok. *fingers crossed, knock on wood, wear a lucky charm*

I used pork loin for the meat…yum yum!

Cut into bite size portions and then drizzled with soy sauce.

Then it was time to cut veggies!! Like Onions!

“Ogres are like onions!”

Despite being in 4H cooking and all that, I still fail at cutting an onion. I’ve read about it and seen pics on it, but as soon as I get the onion in hand and the knife ready, all preparation I’ve made to cut this onion leaves me!

At this point you are supposed to chop all your veggies ready to add them in the wok. I opened to cans and I was ready!

Also prepped 1/4 cup chicken broth (thank yo chicken bullion) and 1/2 cup soy sauce mixed with 3 tbls sugar.

Now on to the fun stuff!!

We do have a wok!!
“Wok like a man, talk like a man!”
I sing that to Brandon when he uses the wok. 🙂

Fry up the pork soaked in soy sauce!! YUM!!!

Remove once it’s cooked and set aside. And leave all the brown stuff!!

I added some veggie oil and sauted onions and minced garlic and ginger! yumm Yum!

and then add all the other veggies. In this case it was mini corn and water chestnuts!!
i LOVE water chestnuts!!!
Brandon doesn’t.
Guess who gets his share!!

Add the meat!
Then add in the chicken broth and the soy sauce/sugar mix.
Now, you are supposed to have arrowroot mixed in with the chicken broth and when added to the stir fry, it thickens it up a little bit. The sauce that is.
But I didn’t have arrowroot and so I didn’t use any.
My sauce was runny, so i ended up draining half of it out.

Hooray my rice turned out great!! (I read the directions ALL the way through this time)

And viola!! There you go! Delicious dinner!!

And no, there are no left overs!!



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