Snow? Maybe?

November 22nd, 2010

What is it about snow? At least for those of us who don’t get it a lot?

The clean white sight of heavenly frost that covers the dirty, drab brown and grey that is all around us.

And the quietness and stillness that snow brings to the world. It’s like every creature has stopped to observe this phenomenon and stand in silent reverence watching the world stop.

The biting chill that comes from frost and snow that makes you bundle up and snuggle close to warm bodies and hot chocolate.

The appearance of being on  a new unexplored world as you make the first prints in the powder. I find it disappointing when someone has already stepped somewhere and I make it my personal mission to find a place to step that no one else has been yet.

Like I’m a brand new explorer.

Or an astronaut on the moon!

The fun of snowballs, snowboards, snow angels, snow men, snow down your pants….wait… not that.

The awesome warmth that greets you when you enter your home and peel off your cold wet layers of snow jackets, snow pants. snow boots, socks, mittens, hat, 2nd pair of socks, sweatshirt, 2nd hat, long sleeved shirt, jeans, 3rd pair of socks, 2nd long sleeved shirt, 4th pair of socks.

And then you put on warm pajamas.

and have some cocoa, and  a warm blanket, and maybe a movie.

Then you put on all your layers again and go out and play!!

I remember as  a child praying every night from Halloween till Christmas day for snow.

“Please Lord, please, please, PLEASE!!! Let it snow. Especially on Christmas Eve! PLEASE! Amen”

That was pretty much my mantra during my childhood. I think that my heart would die a little bit every time I woke up and it didn’t snow. Especially on Christmas Eve.

Not my real heart, but my childhood heart. The one that believes in Santa and flying reindeer, and wishing on stars, and snow on Christmas Eve. It’s easy to become an adult in Oregon when it never snows here.

Of course those with snow are like:

“What ever, snow is lame.”

“It’s wet”

“It’s cold”

“We have it all the time”

“It’s wet”

In places that get a lot of snow they still have to go to school and work. That is one good thing about the Oregon valley. When it does snow, even just a few inches, people panic and everything shuts down. For the most part.

So I am hoping for snow, yes. Especially on Christmas Eve.

And I still do say that prayer.

“Please Lord, please, please, PLEASE!!! Let it snow. Especially on Christmas Eve! PLEASE! Amen”

~Snow Bunny Becky


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