Sick Day

I am sick today. What do you expect when I’m exposed to two kids with strep and a mom with a daughter at home with strep.

I didn’t catch the full strep plague, but I did have swollen tonsils this morning with trouble swallowing and I am extremely tired physically.

I don’t blame anyone for my sickness (not even the precious little incubators of sickness that I am exposed to)  Seriously though I love those kids.

But I have a way of making myself feel better. So here is my day:

1. Sleep till 11.

and then take a nap for another hour or so…

2. Eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup and bread.

Chicken broth has healing properties. It warms the heart and soul. And the mouth too.

But seriously it is healing for colds and sickness of such.

3. Take Garlic Tablets

And be thankful I’m home alone and I can’t breathe on anyone. Cause they would be dead…

4. Drink Hot Tang.

Mom  used to make us hot tang when we were sick or it was cold out. I love hot tang!

Oh and don’t set the stove on fire like I did today…

5. Watch For Aliens

I don’t know why but I am longing to see some aliens or ufo’s or supernaturalness-ness… So I watch The X Files.

Perhaps it’s because I watch The X files….

6. Do some chores

I emptied the dishwasher…then laid down for 20 minutes

I emptied the dryer…then laid down for 10 minutes

I filled the washer and dryer…then laid down for 30 minutes

I filled the dishwasher…the laid down for 15 minutes

I folded laundry while laying down for 15 minutes

Then I gave up and laid down.

7. Prepped Dinner

Wait what!? I’m sick. I’m not doing anything else….

So now I’m feeling mostly better. My throat is not red and raw but is still a little bit swollen. The chicken soup helped and the 3 cups of hot tang definitely helped. And so did the Ib Profin and the garlic tablets.

And all the resting I’m doing too…

So raise a glass of hot tang to good health!



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