Field Trip #3: Portland Children’s Museum

PLACE: Portland Children’s Museum
LOCATION: 4015 Southwest Canyon Road, Portland, OR 97221


If you havent been here before, find a child from three to seven (it’s probably best if you know this child) and take them!

There are 12 different hands on areas to play and explore in (13 if you count the 3 year old garden area). Each one full of hands on fun for kids and adults.

Here are a few:


The Water Works room. Get ready to get wet! Or at least a little damp. Fortunately there are aprons and hand dreyers!


Face painting!
Seriously awesome idea!


This is Grasshopper Grocery. With it is Butterfly Bistro (I think thats what it’s called) set up like a kitchen and resturaunt with tables and menus in English and Spanish. And it has real looking fake food and two beeping checkout stations and carts to push and shelves like at a store!!! Super awesome!


An awesome construction type house. It has hardhats, toolbelts, gloves, pipes inside walls to show plumbing and all sorts of cool stuff! It’s also 2 levels!

Also in this area is a pet hospital and a lincoln log corral with giant lincoln logs made out of hard cardboard tubes. Perfect for building life size forts!

There are lots of other amazing things to see and I would love to list them all, but I’m not going to! Instead you will just have to check it out by going here:, or by GOING THERE!
you should probably go with a child or you might look like a creeper. So if you dont have one borrow one! Just make sure the kid knows you and you return them. I DO NOT promote kidnapping! Just so we clear that up…(you can also volunteer there and not look like a creeper. Seriously they’ll give you an apron so you belong. Just dont make this face. Wait… You cant see me… Just imagine a creepy face and don’t make it)

Anywho… The rest of the pros…

Plenty of seating!
Seriously great an plentiful seating! Close to the action so you can see your kids clearly.

Plenty of friendly staff!
Tons of staff walking around talking to parents and kids!

Kids can leave when they are done.
Seriously. The staff is cool with kids leaving halfway through something. Example: we saw a student writen and directed 20 min play at their little theater today and l the staff told us that if our kids get bored we can leave and it’s cool! Super fantastic!

Meant for a specific age group.
Really from 3-7. Depending on skill range and development. There is a special area for 3 and under, but it’s only one area. And over 7 will probably be bored or think they shiuldnt have fun because most of the kids are younger. Not that there arent exceptions…

Everybody’s worried about that now a days. Well it’s like $9.00 a person. Thats fine if you have a fee kids. I took 13 today. Fortunately there are grouo prices and i payed $4.50 a kid and free adults. If you want a lunch room thats $10 per half hour too. Oh! And the group discount is only for a 2 hour time.

Here are some extra things I thought you should know.

1. Go on a sunny day. Not too hot but nice out. Cause everyone will be across the parking lot at the zoo making it less crowded! Plus you can forgoe the $10 per half hour lunch room and eat outside!

2. They do have a cafe with seating if you dont bring a lunch.

3. There is a school there! Yea I had no idea! Its a charter school through PPS. Ifs called Opal I think. The play we saw today was put on by the 2nd and 3rd graders from the school.

In summary…
I give this place a 10 for kids 4-6 (the ages i took today) and a 7 for kids under and over that age.

NOW! I have saved my favorite for last! And leave you with this!





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