Field Trip #7: Magness Tree Farm

PLACE: Magness Tree Farm
LOCATION: 31195 SW Ladd Hill Rd Sherwood, Oregon 97140

For those who have never heard of this place it is between Wilsonville and Tualatin in the country and is a part of the World Forestry Center which is located by the zoo in Portland.
They do field trip tours on a variety of subjects for all ages as well as Boy Scout and Girl Scout group camps, weddings, and is open for the public to take a walk through their area for free! They also do guided tours for free on Sunday afternoons.
(here’s the link for more info

Great tours!
I have been here with two different groups and both times our tour guide has been knowledgeable, friendly, and age appropriate!

Well kept grounds.
Clear paths, easy to follow walkways too.


Meeting area.
There is a large outdoor meeting area with a large grassy area partly shaded by trees. There are also three cabins to stat in and two covered areas with picnic table.
There is also a storytelling area as I like to call it. You can just imagine a fire slowly dying in the center as kids huddle around on the wooden benches listening to spooky stories!


Cool creatures!
If you go on the tours and sometimes even if you don’t, there are cool creatures to see!





And I mean a bathroom, garbage, and such. There are bathrooms in the main cabin area when you first come in, which they will sometimes let you use if you start there and you have young kids. Also if it’s during the rainy season… Wait… Isn’t that all year…?

Other than those there are porter potties with hand sanitizer!!!

There are accessible garbage cans by the picnic tables.

And there is one drinking fountain by the entrance.

Most everything rocks here. My only con is the bathrooms. At least there were some although porter potties are not my first choice.

So yea check it out!
Oh and hey! If you have a wedding coming up check them out! I don’t know any of their details… I just know that it looks great.



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