Field Trip #8: Tualatin Public Library

PLACE: Tualtatin Public Library
LOCATION: 18878 SW Martinazzi Tualatin, OR 97062


The library is an amazing place that has changed from the stereotypical reverent silent sanctuary no talking don’t chew gum I’m an evil old cat lady librarian who will eat you for breakfast type place we have always been told it was.

Of course you do want to talk to your kids about using quiet voice and feet while in there cause you will still get nasty looks from patrons (that’s a fancy word for people who visit the library) and the staff.

Great set up.
The library looks almost round because everything flows well together. There’s a kids area, teens area (behind closed doors Yeay!!) adults, even a shelf for books on hold that you can get yourself (instead of waiting in line to bother the librarians). They also have a conference room and a fire side reading area.


Here you can see just the very edge of it on the left.

Kids area!


This is the kids area. Awesome colors. Great artwork. And comfy couches. There are computers with learning games for the kids. Books are on their eye level and they are organized very easily for kids and adults to understand.
The kids area also has puppets, small game items and touchable displays. A very kid friendly area.

Self checkout!
That’s right. They have a self checkout kiosk. I think there are even four of them.
Even so, the staff is friendly and attentive and are willing to work with the patron and not against them. 🙂

Oh and those bones are the bones of a mastodon that was found in Tualatin.

Just outside the actual library doors is a small cafe. Reasonably priced drinks and foods must be consumed outside the library of course. Out in this lobby area you will also find the bathrooms and two community rooms.


There are a ton of events going on at the library. From summer reading programs for kids, teens, and adults, community classes of all types, special teen only nights, story times for all ages, puppet shows, yoga, and more. There are so many things to do at the library, some free, some not, you will just have to check it out.

There quite bit of art here. And a lot done by local artists and school groups. Outside there is also a board that shows different walks you can take around Tualatin and see more art around town!

This one is bronze sculpture featured outside the library.

This is one inside the library.

The hours.
The library doesn’t open till 10 but it stays open till 8 I think. I just would like it to be open earlier…

No credit card machine or ATM.
If you have overdue fines you need cash or a check. Because they don’t take cards and there are no ATMs there.

There is not much parking at the library and the Lot right up front is very small.
There is a row just for the drop off box for the library which is great if all you are doing is dropping something off. Then you don’t have to circle to lot 5 times hoping someone will leave. There is additional parking across the driveway entrance but it’s across the busy driveway entrance. The rest of the parking lot is for the shopping area customers or employees.

The library is awesome here. I give it an 8 out of 10.
2 points off for bad parking and no card machine or ATM.


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