Field Trip #9: Regal Cinema

PLACE: Regal Cinemas (Wilsonville, Bridgeport, etc)

Movies! Woot! And almost free! Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am Regal Cinemas Pg and G rated movies are $1!

Not only are the movies $1, but the kids get a passport and they get a stamp for every movie they see and after 9 stamps they get one free!

More rewards!
One awesome thing about these trips I take, I don’t pay! The school pays for it yet I get to reap the rewards! Since this is a regal cinema I get to use my rewards card when I purchase the tickets! Hooray!!! So I earned a free movie!!


The selections used to be one PG and one G movie every week from the end if June till the end of August. This summer however the selection is not as even. There are more PG movies than G. Normally this isn’t a problem but as we are a Christian Daycare and I have 5 year olds still we stick with only G rated movies.

Also they are movies that are no longer in theaters so they are most likely movies your kids have seen before. But still the thrill of going to the movie theater and getting popcorn and all the goods is usually joy enough for kids.

No longer free!
The previous years the summer movies were free! I mean, a dollar isn’t a bad price. Especially given the prices of movies these days.

Kids movies.
I have absolutely nothing against kids movies. In fact I would probably go see some of these movies on my own without kids. Cause then I could see kids movies I want to see and not feel like I’m spending a ton of money on kids movies!! But then I might look like a creeper!

Anyway… Be warned that there will be talking, maybe some crying, the occasional spit up and you may just find yourself dozing off if you are not careful.

So that’s it in a nutshell.

Oh! And at the Wilsonville theater on Tuesdays ALL movies are $5!!!! Woot! ALL MOVIES!! $5!!! ALL DAY!

And that is what we call TOTALLY AWESOME!!

So I give Regal Cinema and their $1 days a 9.



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