I have been absent from the blogging sphere for a while but now I have returned!

I like getting gifts! (hint hint)
I especially love chocolate gifts!
Or books! Books are always a great gift to give me (cough cough).

I do love more though, the heart behind a gift. For my birthday I received a gift bag from a family with three kids from the Learning Center. Inside was a cute card, a package of silly bands, a deflated latex balloon, and an empty gum package that the youngest thought was pretty.

And I loved each part.

For one Christmas I received a bar of soap.


Apparently someone didn’t think I was clean enough.

(In case you are wondering, I take a shower every day.)

So this soap just kind of sat for a year or so under my sink in it’s box. All I knew about it was that it was a facial wash.

Well I opened it and here’s what I found.


A wrapped soap bar in a closing soap dish!

Seriously! Who does this!


Look at it’s beauty and care!


Even the bar is impressed with the name Clinique!

I dunno how much this soap costs but thank you to the one who bought it for me.


P.S. It is an excellent product that leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean!


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