Because it’s finally summer…

Because it’s finally summer.
And I mean FINALLY!!!

It took it long enough to get here!

I had vacation last week and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day with my mom.

We went garage saleing, and we crafted and we ate Panda Express cause mom had a craving. And when mom has a craving it must be filled!!! (that’s some free advice friends…)

We also went to the grocery store with the intent to buy ingredients for chili fir dinner that evening. In the process we stopped by the bakery and visited an old friend of mine (who happens to be the head baker there now)

Anywho… All of her cakes looked FABULOUS! and I suggested we get one to celebrate!

My mom asked me what we were celebrating.

I said “uh…. Summer?!” (smiley cute face with batting eyes)

And here it is!!


Delicious, no?

Oh yes! It was. A three layer cake of chocolate and white cake with strawberry filling and white frosting!

So good!

Oh also on this day I happened to be in my hometown of Canby (cause that’s where my parents live) and I ran into 4 old school mates at the store! Not literally of course but figuratively!



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