So I have noticed with myself, and maybe you do this too, I tend to blog a lot for a while and then I wont touch it for a few months. Well I am having a COMEBACK!!

And to celebrate I m challenging YOU!

WHOOPS! Wrong motivational poster…


Ah! Here it is!

Let this poster of this stern looking patriotic man who looks like your lovable grandfather and yet a strong political leader sway you to join in this photo challenge!

That’s right a photo challenge!

I am challenging you to take one photo everyday for the next 30 days.

And since October has 31 days you can start tomorrow and still be ok. 🙂

So now to the list. I did not generate the list I happened upon it on Pintrest.

What’s that? You don’t know what Pintrest is?

Well Pintrest is just AMAZING!!

Short Explanation: It’s like Stumbleupon or Reddit or Tumblr

Long Explanation: (For those that don’t know what these other things are) Pintrest and the afformentioned sites are personalized search engine type sites. You create an account, put in your intrests and voila! Random things, sites, movies, books, gadgets, jokes, crafts, recpies will apear and organize themselves for you. In Pintrest you have boards to pin your intrests onto (Pin+intrest=Pintrest! Get it!?)

So that’s where I found this!

Pinned Image

So today is Self Portrait. Or tomorrow depending on when you start.

If you dont want to do it that’s cool! Just make sure to check out the pics of those who do.

Oh and be creative! That’s the best part!

Happy Picture Taking!!





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