Photo Challenge Day 17

Day 17: Technology

I love this device! It’s cheap! Affordable! And hours of entertainment! Plus you never need to plug it in or change batteries! It travels everywhere and fits conveniently in your pocket! You can even personalize it!

It’s the amazing astounding….

Button on a string!!!


I know what you’re thinking but seriously it is all of the above!

I did this project with the kids at work during spring break last year and it was their very favorite project we did. It took a lot of persuading to get then to put it down too.

Need: any string (medium weight is best) around 20 inches long

A button (needs at least two holes)

1. Cut string around 20-24 inches long
2. String your button so the string goes through two holes and tie ends together.
3. Pull string so the button is in the middle of the string looped around your two pointer fingers

Observe Brandon.

4. Spin the string around so it twists on both sides of the button.
5. Gently pull to untwist and relax to wind the other way.
6. Dint give up! Keep trying! Sometimes it takes a bit. When you have it going good it should make a buzzing sound. You may get different sounds depending on the string, button, and speed!

Have fun!

Seriously this is amazing for entertaining kids!





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