I can see clearly now!!

Like any good kid growing up, my favorite weekend past time was watching cartoons. And like any natural young cartoon watcher I was hyped up on sugary cereal and sitting close to the tv.

As I got older my mom noticed I was sitting closer and closer to the tv. Then she noticed the squinting…
” I think it’s time to see the eye doctor”.

And so at the age of ripe young age of 7, there I was with glasses. Of course I wasn’t all on the up and up on style so I went with what was familiar. And that was what my parents were wearing.

Now I love my parents dearly, but glasses on them don’t always look great on kids.


Aren’t I a stunner?

And so was my life. Until I hit puberty…. And braces…



So I told my parents enough is enough! I was not going to have braces and glasses! So I went to contacts.

Thank you Jesus!!
And I had then for years!!

Then my contacts ran out and so did my prescription.
So I went to my back up pair from high school (don’t worry, they were much less dorky than my elementary and middle school days).

My prescription was old though, by about 8 years. And it was difficult to see. Especially far away. But NO MORE!!!

Today I got my new glasses with new prescription lenses!!! Hooray! And they are much more stylish than my previous pairs.


Now all I ask world is that you don’t go changing on me!

At least for a while.



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