The Perfect Gift

In this christmas season, one must be thoughtful in buying a gift for others. It must be carefully considered as to what the person likes, their tastes, what they would like to receive. Even buying a generic gift for someone you don’t know as well, like an extended family member, must be done carefully. Why do I bring up this topic? Well…
A few years back around the thanksgiving time, my husbands extended family, on his moms side, decided to do a white elephant gift exchange for Christmas instead of going through the grueling task of getting everyone in the family a gift. We laid out some ground rules to include something that makes white elephant exchanges fun (at the request of some) as well as something kind of nice.
So off we went Christmas shopping to buy a suitable white elephant gift. I went to one of my favorite stores, Ross Dress For Less. Where not only can you score good deals on clothes, but you can also find some home furnishings at a good price too. I found something nice, something within the price range and gender neutral(ish) request. Then I remembered to gag request. “Well if everyone else is doing it,” I thought “I’d better do it too.” I definitely didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of my new extended family. So off I traipsed I search of the perfect gag gift. Until there I saw it! Hanging in a section where buying anything off of the rack would question your sanity and have people praying you are up to date on your shots. On a hanger much to large for it, hung a pair of purple and black polka dot panties. And by panties I mean lacy ,see through, barely there panties.
So the big night comes and there we all freshly fed and watered sitting in my husbands grandparents home staring our so called “white elephant” gift exchange. One by one gifts are chosen and opened. A set of lotion and perfume, a cookbook, a set of lovely votive candles, a large mug and cocoa… This is unfair! Where are all the gag gifts? The box of diapers, the toilet paper, the empty gift cards. Then I realize I’m the only one with a gag gift. A very lonely gag gift. A gag gift that is no longer a gag but a very embarrassing I begin to turn pale and sweaty as the gifts get chosen and mine is left all alone until the very last person, who just so happened to be grandma, chooses my gift. And there it is, that wonderful sexy piece of lingerie . Awesome.
And by awesome I mean 10 shade of red in the face from embarrassment awesome.
Fortunately it was handled well by all. After I got a good teasing from everyone of course.

The moral of this story is to make a good choice when buying gifts, white elephant or otherwise.

This following gift is an example of a good gift. Probably the best gift ever to give or receive.

Yes I did receive this gift before Christmas but I feel that it was a very good choice to give it to me before the big day.

A kitchenaid stand mixer!!
I’ve only wanted this beauty forever!!

Look at its beautifulness!!


This is also proof that husbands do listen to you when you say you would like something.
It probably also helps clue them in when you talk about how you want one every time you use your old handheld mixer, or see any type of mixer, or you make detours in stores to drool over the mixer.

And so you know, yes I love it. Yes I made cookies with it. Yes I am keeping it forever.

My man did good



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