Death by Pictures

Do you remember the days of the slide projectors? Those heavy things you would prop up on a table with some books and point it at a blank wall. The lights would suddenly go out and a lamp turn on projecting a blurry spot of light. Then out comes the spool of small colored squares and the words who wants to see the pictures from my trip to Kansas?! And three hours later after looking at the hundredth picture of a nondescript barn at the side of the road, your body from the waist down has lost all feeling, you’ve forgotten the year. You begin to question your relationship with this person. Why do you talk to this person!? This person is a master of torture! CIA operatives could take a few lessons from them! youre wishing for an earthquake a tornado, a freak hurricane a desperate phone call from someone stranded on the side of the road VERY far away!

Well I remember them. And perhaps I’ve dated myself here but I’m ok with that.
Now with digital photography being the primary form of photography both the tortureers and the tourturees are able to avoid those embarrassingly long viewing sessions full of out of focus and boring photos by using that handy dandy delete button right on the camera.

now with the gadget movement of adding a camera to phones everyone has become a photographer to capture the most usual of aspects in their lives and present them in a fun and techy way! And here we are again subject to a more one on one viewing on tiny screens of trips to Kansas and this cool thing someone saw in a store window. I figure feigning interest is a good way to end the slides how faster, till I saw this!

Harvard Sailing Team – Puppies

So this is my plan from now on, I will over react and be completely crazy about the subject of the pictures I’m being shown and then no one will EVER ask me to see their pictures again!



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