Port Angeles and my closeted Twilight obsession

Guess where I am today!?

No not the moon… -_-

I’m in Port Angeles Washington!

Some of you may ask, “where is that?”

Well it’s at the very tippy top of Washington.

Others of you may say “That’s near Forks! Where Bella and Edward live!”

And others of you may say “That’s where Edward swooped out of no where to save Bella from some ruffians and took her out to dinner where he admited to the amazing powers of telepethay and where Bella went to a bookstore to buy a book on Quilette legends and where she went to see a movie with Jacob and Mike when Jacob first started feeling the changes in himself to become a wearwolf!”

WHEW! And now we take a breath.

So yup that’s where I am. Brandon, my loving, adoring, wonderful husband was going to surprise me with this trip. His plan was for me to start my day normally, as in grudgingly leaving my warm, soft bed and get into the shower whilst he hurridly run around the house packing all our stuff and throwing it into the car, then offerign to drive me to work and then just pass it. And as I would begin to freak out he would explain that we were going on vacation to Port angeles and everyhting was arranged.

He already cleared it with my boss.

He took care of the drama meeting I was supposed to run.

He took care of informing our friend we wouldnt be able to babysit that night.

He took care of worship for Sunday.

Buuuuut…. Brandon was feeling over whelmed with getting all my stuff and his stuff aranged so he told me about it.

I still love him. 🙂

So here we are in Port Angeles and I thought to myself “Self, you know you like Twilight you might as well just admit it.”

And I said  “You’re right I do. But just the books! Except Taylor Lautner! Cause mmm-mmm…. 

“Seriously! Aaaaaanyway… The books are more like light reading, like a harlequin romance novel. Sorry Stephanie Meyer…please don’t hate me”

And as I continued my conversartion with myself on our 4 1/2 hour trip I decided that I would tickle the fancies of all Twilight fans, big and small, closeted and out in the open with some great Twilight fun!

So to start things off….

The first Twilight Sighting!! Looking so stylish in a bookstore. This was in Port Book and News.

This next picture is one of the bookstores believed to be the one that Bella went into to buy her book about myths and legends in the first Twilight book. (the other one is Port Book and News, but my moneys on Odyssey)

This was part one of the adventure. All happened yesterday. Today is a new day and you will all have to wait to find out what we will do!



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