Questions, questions, questions….

In a struggle to be original I have been racking my brain to come up with something more than “It’s been a while”. Yet while I am no genius with a unique perspective on the greater world and I have no opulent language to wow the masses with, I have procrastinated a blog post for long enough.

I have learned that I am not foolish enough to promise myself silly resolutions that I will write every day about some new topic about a certain thing. 

I have also learned that while I am no genius or poetic writer the best and in-between authors suggest writing about what we know. And no one knows me better than me, that is besides God. So now I guess it came down to just picking some topics that don’t completely bore me. 

I found some random questions to answer. Enjoy my answers! One every now and then.

1. Put your I-pod on shuffle and give me the first 6 songs.

1. Caruso by Josh Groban

        I love this song, I love this cd. Heck! I love this singer!! Hello!! It’s freaking Josh Groban! What isn’t there to love about him. Senior year of high school, me and my besties were graduating and each of us heading in a different direction. One of our mom’s gave us this cd to help us get through the next years. That way we could listen to it and still be close to each other. How freaking sweet is that!? The best part is it makes me think of them and how awesome my friends are. We are still super close though we live far apart from each other most of the time.

2. Black or White by the Glee Cast

       First the song. Awesome. Not just the message. But the memories of seeing the original music video when I was a kid. For all of Michael Jackson’s faults, he was a musical, lyrical, and choreograph-al genius! Powerful lyrics, awesome music and sensational dance moves. My favorite part is the awesome face melding they did at the end of his video

       Second, Glee! When this show was first advertised and came on the air I was a huge Gleek! I loved it. Then it got to drama-y. But the music still rocks. I don’t watch the show anymore though.

3. Fum, Fum, Fum by Concordia Concert Choir

     Ok so it’s just after Christmas so I still have a lot of Christmas music on my i-pod. This song was from my very first college choir concert. This song is so classically Christmas too. I could go on and on about choir and college memories and all of that for many a moon but I will spare you, for now. I will say though that college was some of the best years of my life and choir was so fundamental in those experiences.

4. Get Me To The Church On Time by Stanley Holloway and Cast from “My Fair Lady”

      I love, love, love musicals! I love to watch them, see them, be in them. i definitely miss being in the theater. I would love to do them again. I hip that I will be again soon. While I have not been in this particular musical I can’t help but enjoy this one too, though not one of my favorites. 

5. The Kraken by Hans Zimmer from Pirates of The Carribean

    I guess being in love with the theater goes hand in hand with being a movie buff. Or maybe not. None the less I am one also. Have you ever noticed that when you are listening to epic music in your car, you tend to drive faster? Yeah I do, And this is definitely one I speed to.

6. Golden Slumbers/The End by K.D. lang from Happy Feet

     This song is beautiful and sad. I like the movie too. I don’t remember where exactly this song came in during the movie though. Anyone have an idea? *shrug* oh well. This is one of those songs that I sometime find myself singing at random times. And on of the songs that match my voice well. K.D. Lang has those types of songs that I can sing. Like “Suddenly I See“. Also her name is interesting. Anyone else thought her name was Katie when they first heard it? I did. Who knew it was K.D.?

So what is your top 6 shuffled songs? I’d like to know.



  1. 1) Down A** B**ch by Ja Rule – Proof that deep down I’m ridiculous. I love LOVE LOVE Ja Rule. I used to BLAST this album in my Benz SUV. …It’s definitely not nearly as cool when I blast it in my Nissan Versa with my “Baby on Board” sign… haha. I love my rap/hiphop/R&B so very much.

    2) New Day by Kanye & JayZ – I super love this song as well as the whole album “Watch The Throne”. Kanye & JayZ each wrote verses for their unborn children (they both assume will be male and both ended up with girls ) and I really enjoy the honesty and acknowledgement of their mistakes and regrets. As well has strongly voicing every parent’s wish for their child to have a better life then they had. However, Kanye really says that he wants his son to grow up and be “liked” which I just feel speaks to how much Kanye himself has dealt with in the public eye (mostly his fault) and how much he still needs to learn re: shunning other people’s opinions. I want my kid to make good choices and stand for something…wayyy before “being well liked.”

    3) Soda Shop by Jay Brannan; Shortbus Sountrack – This soundtrack is AMAZING. Even if you haven’t seen/don’t like the movie (it’s quiet sexual provocative) this soundtrack is GREAT! And this song is so CUTE. …and it’s one of the few songs that I’ll sing out loud. 

    4) Make You Feel My Love by Adele – My parents bought me this CD when they were visiting circa 2008 when I graduated college. Yes, It’s a cover…but it’s written by Bob Dylan (who my Mom loves!) and originally released by Billy Joel (whom I love but I was introduced to by my Dad). It’s written I’m sure about a romantic relationship but I feel it’s much better an example of love between parent/child. Prior to becoming a parent, when I missed my parents I’d listen to it. I think it really just speaks honestly about how hard life can be and how much I love Avi through it all. I want to hold her when life is hard on her so she never feels totally alone.

    5) Fallen by Jason Derulo – Ashamed to admit how much I love Jason Derulo… his songs are cute and catchy.  This one really helped me embrace all the feelings that I had for Obrian and allow myself to “fall for him” after so much hardship/heartache/abuse in my previous relationships. Finally allowing myself to love him because he was WORTHY of it because how he treated me! 

    6) Go Glow by Newsboys – haha, my playlist wouldn’t be complete without SOME Newsboys! This track is from their newest CD (yes, I still buy each one!) …Fun & upbeat. I really like their older stuff much more. BUT I’ve loved the Newsboys since Oct 1996 when I saw them for the first time at the Redding Convention Center.  I’ve seen them 26 times in concert… *hangs head in shame* Also, Avi really likes the Newsboys as well. When she was first born, it was something I could play in the car and she’d get quiet immediately.

    • Oh man! I love the song Make you feel my love! I first heard it on Hope Floats! I can’t remember who did the cover for the movie though… I had a copy of the soundtrack (on tape) and I listened to that song so many times. I totally know what you mean about it. Total heart felt song there.

      And what playlist isn’t complete with newsboys!? I love them still! My first concert was in late 90’s. Can’t remember exactly when. But that’s the only time I’ve seen them in concert (hangs head in shame) I seriously love them! They are my go to band no matter me mood. I really need to get their new albums. And really see them in concert again.

      Thanks for sharing Angela! And mega thanks for reading! 🙂

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