Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

If you grew up in the 90’s you are most likely familiar with the huge sensation known as Pokemon. I remember the tv show. Memorizing the Poke-rap. (Charmeeleon, WARTOTOLE, Mewtwo, Tentacruel, AroDACtle!) Collecting the cards, and battling them 🙂 and of course the awesome video games!

I remember with my very first pack of Pokemon cards I got a HOLOGRAPHIC Zapados!! And I traded it! TRADED IT!!! For what you ask? A Ponyta! A freaking PONYTA!! well that is all in the past now (sniff…)

Excellent and Amazing!:20130922-133742.jpg
Totally Awful!:20130922-133811.jpg
I remember sitting in the living room organizing all my cards in my binder and battling my brothers. My mom once tried to get us to stop saying that there was nothing good out of this “game”, but I reasoned that Pokemon actually is good because we have to practice our math skills (adding, multiplying subtracting), and work out strategies. She left us alone after that.
20130922-133903.jpg (Did you know they had actual tournaments?)

I remember the Pokemon movies and the soundtracks. (Such great songs!!) And playing the games on the Gameboy Pocket. The best one being the yellow one when you get to have Pikachu follow you around.
20130922-134111.jpg(The BEST gameboy too! For those big Pokemon enthusiasts….maybe I had one…I’ll never tell)
20130922-134118.jpg20130922-134132.jpg (I LOVED playing both of these! I am still on the lookout for Pokemon snap and of COURSE I have an N64!)

I eventually grew out of the cards and show. Right around the time they added new Pokemon for the 2nd time bring the total to around 300ish I think. Or maybe it was the 3rd movie? I don’t remember exactly. And through high school and college and on I have gone back and forth playing Pokemon. I remember even asking my brother to get me a new Pokemon game for my DS as a birthday gift in college! Of course there were so many more Pokemon by this time I didn’t know half of them and it seemed like they lost a lot of their creativity.
Or maybe it was just my young impressionable mind that found the ironically named Pokemon of the first and second installments, back when my mind was young and impressionable, quirky and smart and fun! And as I aged I found my interest waned in the land of Pokemon.

In college and afterwards though, Pokemon was a great gateway to talk to kids. Kids respond better when you are on their level and know what they are talking about. And while some of my Pokemon knowledge was a little dated, the core of it was, and is, still there and relative. (the same goes for video games but that’s for a different post).

I find myself, now and then, feeling nostalgic, and I have a need to go back to the “good ‘ol days”. When things were simpler. Where the biggest struggle being if trading a Pokemon was a good idea or not. So I went back to listening to my Pokemon music playlist, and dusted off my DS to restart my game.

Then I thought about how we used to watch Pokemon during the week, my brothers and I that is. After school sitting down on the living room floor with our little snacks watching the 23 minute episodes of Ash Ketchum on his adveture to “Catch ‘Em All”. Thinking how can a mom let her 10 year old son just go off on his own and travlel!? And why can’t I do that!? I found myself in a place of want. Want to see those classic episodes again. So I did some digging and found some episodes and have been watching them! OH MAN! The memories! The bad puns! The Cheap Kid Animation! It’s so AWESOME!!!

And ya know when I was a kid I always wanted a phone system like they had on Pokemon. The one with the video screen with the phone. And now I have an IPhone! HA! It’s funny how things work out that way isn’t it. Now all I need is that awesome ring tone “Ring Ring Ring! Ring Ring Ring! Phone Call! Phone Call!” (hee hee)

And of course it wouldn’t be classic Pokemon without Team Rocket and Jesse and James! As I was listening to their classic entrance poem I really started listening to it. Here it is in case you have forgotten it or have never heard it:

“To protect the world from devastation,
to unite all peoples within our nation.
To denounce the evils of truth and love,
to extend our reach to the stars above.
Jesse, James. Team Rocket blasts off with the speed of light,
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
(Meeow! That’s right!)”

Really the important part is the first part. Team Rocket plays the “bad guys” in the show. Two people and a Pokemon working as thieves to find rare Pokemon and steal them. But why this awesome poem? I mean they are classic bad guys coming up with tricky ways, and devious plots to steal and trap trainers and Pokemon. And they always get blasted off in fair justice. If one thing can be said for them, and really “bad guys” in all types of cartoons, they never give up or get down despite the many times they loose. And every so often they even switch sides and end up being a good guy in the end. (IE: Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender. Again another post for another day)
20130922-134651.jpg (Bad Zuko=Ugly)
20130922-134658.jpg (Good Zuko= Hot)
(Seriously hot villains are really making me questions myself…another post for another day)

Well through the show you meet “The Boss” and other Team Rocket members and you think at first that maybe all of them have this motto. But no other Team Rocket members say this beautiful poem and “The Boss” is even annoyed by it when Jesse and James recite it to him. So MAYBE this poem is not the motto of Team Rocket but just a personal motto. It seems that perhaps Jesse and James are not as bad guy as they seem, perhaps confused as to what Team Rocket really is. We know they were kicked out of Pokemon Tech (a very expensive boarding school) so they are rich. And we know that they want rare Pokemon, or really their own collection of Pokemon, which I don’t know why thy don’t just catch them themselves…

I digress, the real reason I started this was the poem. The poem was very interesting. For a pair of people supposedly the “bad guys” this motto doesn’t seem to reflect that. Or maybe I just don’t get it.

“To protect the world from devastation” – Pretty self explanatory there. Protecting the world. Devastation is bad.

“To unite all peoples within our nation” – Sounds like what every nation should ideally strive for. Uniting their people.

“To denounce the evils of truth and love” – Does truth and love have evils? Some postulate no, but perhaps they do. The truth can hurt as much as set you free. Sometimes a person who tells the truth can be marked as a mean, rude, ruthless,even evil person. But truth is not evil when used correctly.
Let’s not forget that “All’s fair in love and war”. Some people take this as a personal motto and use it to validate the cruelty of their actions as love. But real love is never evil.

“Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast. It is not proud, it is not rude, Love is never self seeking. Love is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful and trusting. Love never fails” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

See! No evil

“To extend our reach to the stars above” – Reaching for their full potential. Not bad!

So in the end their motto is very inspiring! Really! How did they end up mixed in with this crazy group!?

I volunteer my time and energy to discover this! I will watch as many episodes as it takes to discover the truth! You’re welcome! 🙂

Now tell me your favorites! Favorite Pokemon game. Blue? Red? Yellow? Gold? Silver?
Favorite Pokemon?
Favorite Hot villian? (Give me some so I can write about it!!)
Favorite Children’s show you TOTALLY Loved?
Anything else you wanna tell me?

Becky20130922-134916.jpg P.S. Vulpix is Totally the cutest Pokemon EVEAH!!!


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