Something Broken, Something Left Over, Something Reused

Sometimes I feel like I am just one broken coffee cup away from being a hoarder.
I have only seen a few episodes of the show Hoarders, and it honestly just makes me upset. Seriously! I don’t understand how other people, their loved ones, can live in the chaos, and filth, and gross-ness of a hoarded house like they have on the show.

I guess saying that makes me feel better that I am not even close to being at that stage of hoarding.
However I do have tendency to look at things like broken dishes and toilet paper rolls and think “Hmm…what could I do with this…?”

I keep at as a personal rule, and to relieve my husbands concern at my ever growing pile of “junk”, as he puts it, that I will only keep an item for 2 months, and if by that time I have not done anything with it I will get rid of it. Sometimes I break that rule and throw it out early, or keep it for longer. (Hee-hee)

My loving husband donated to my crafty cause, a set of chimes from an old drum set.
You see, I really love wind chimes. I love the sound they make. It brings back great memories of younger days spent at my grandparents. Summer afternoons, laying in the living room as afternoon sun streaked across my face through the windows. A cool breeze passes by the wind chimes out front and through the screen door tickling my skin and the chimes, my ear drums. (sigh)

It may be odd to say this, but I want that wind chime. My grandparents still have it and I WILL INHERIT IT ONE DAY!!! Or I’mm sneak onto their porch and steal it one night…hmmm.

Anyway. I now had some chimes to make my own wind chime or two and now all I needed was something to attach them to.

Then it finally hit me, as I lay in bed one evening, that I now have a brand new iPhone. And that my very cool handmade bamboo phone case for my smaller previous iPhone is no longer useful! So why not make it into a wind chime!

HA HA! Genius!
I hot glued the two parts together, they were two parts. (Isn’t it a cute design!?)

Then I got out my power drill!!! OK my husbands power drill… and drilled a few small holes.

And finally strung the chimes! (Or STRUCK the chimes! lol)
I think I will spray it with my sealer spray before I put it outside, since it’s bamboo and will most likely rot in the wonderful Northwest Winter Weather.

I have more chimes left over, what other items that might be laying around a home would make a good wind chime?
I’d love to hear your ideas!


P.S. Today I will leave you with a special note!



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