Christmas Time in the City

ACK! It’s like December 12th! Holy Cow! How did it get to be so late?!

I meant to post many more times before this with my Christmas Decorating and activities, but all those activities have taken so much time, plus all the traveling we have been doing the month now that we live 100 miles from our family and friends, that I’ve barely had time to do much posting.

But now I find myself with a few minutes as the timer on my oven counts down with the last few batches of Christmas cookies to post at least ONE thing in our home.

This summer I found a beautiful miniature village set at an estate sale! I was super excited and gladly gave the last of my spending money for it!

I’ve always wanted one, just like my mom used to have at Christmas time. *sigh* It just says Christmas!
I’m sure I would have gotten one earlier in my life if I had a place to actually display it. But I never had any.

Well now I have an abundance of space to display many things! Which is AWESOME! And also a new challenge to find, or my favorite, MAKE things to go on those spaces!

At first I had the village in our large picture window. It looked great! Buuut we wanted our tree in the window so I had to move it. But it looks good!
I chose here because:
1. I don’t have kids. So it’s totally safe on a lower level.
2. There was a big open space there in that corner since we moved some things around to make room for the tree.
3. The plugs were close and I didn’t have to move it far.
I’m an easy person. I mean, I like to make things easy. No need to over think, over do, or over….move…? things that don’t need it. 🙂

So here is the first Christmas thing I’m posting.

I suppose the next will be all the cookies I’m baking, so stay tuned!



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