Cookie Monster!!

It’s Cookie Time!!
I decided last week to get all my baking done. This decision means that I stayed up till 2 a few nights in a row. But it’s all worth it.
I love to bake.
It’s awesome.
And fun.
It’s a science.
An art.

I figure that if I lived at Hogwarts I would be excellent at Potions. Since Potions is really an art form, and the slightest deviation can ruin the result. Baking is really the same kind of thing. Maybe with a little more wiggle room.

Not only did my midnight baking deprive me of my blessed sleep, but it also created quite a disaster in our house. With all the time spent in the kitchen, and only a very small amount of decorating done there were half finished projects, decorations laying around, laundry piling up, plus our vacuum broke…it was a mess. A very large mess. A Meh-meh-meh-meh MESS, as I would say it when I was young. It was really bad that I could not take pictures.

To add to that, Brandon and I have been traveling every weekend since the week before Thanksgiving. Yes, really. It has been tiring, and we decided to have Christmas here at our home.
Really it was more like us going, “We’re not going anywhere for Christmas”. And that was it. So everyone is coming here. Now I’m on to decorating and wrapping gifts. My favorite parts!
No really.
It’s my favorite.
I love it!

So now my baking is done and I’ve begun the delivery process.
I didn’t do any step-by-step instructions on these cookies, but if any of them look super tasty and you want the recipe I will share it! Just let me know in the comments.

Here are all the plates I put together.

AND here are the left overs!

Honestly there are quite a few in there. Even though you can’t see it.

I wanted to give you a break down of the plates.

Eight types this year. I don’t remember how many I did last year. Though I know it was a lot. Usually my mom and I bake together and we trade some cookies around. There were at least 4 other cookies I had on the plates last year. This is a pretty good amount though. 🙂

If there is a cookie you want a recipie for please let me know. The Peppermint Cookies are like Girl Scout Thin Mints, and the Kiss Pies are super easy and not too sweet. And the Lemon Cookies are a favorite of many people.

I hope that you all get to eat many delicious cookies and enjoy the wonderful aroma of fresh baked goodies in your homes this season.
And like me, I hope you get to experience to joy of sharing your goodies with people you care about, or really anyone. Because that’s why I do it. I bake to share. It’s better that way.

Love ya!


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