The Sewing Games!

I’m not a very good sewer….seamstress.
I don’t really have the patience for it.
I can do straight lines. That’s about it. And I use straight very loosely. Like so loosely that my thread doesn’t quite stay in place.

But I sew anyway.

If you want a really great seamstress, I can hook you up! Between my mom, Cassie’s Mam, Melissa’s mom, AND Christi’s mom…I don’t know why I bother… Although if I didn’t I would be putting my past 4-H leaders to shame. Though if they saw my sewing that might be enough shame…

Ok it’s not that bad.

So this project I sewed… A little over the seat car caddy…thing…

I saw one at Goodwill one day and didn’t get it and realized I needed it too late!

I thought that I could probably make it using something I already had…something easy to turn into a bag…like… a pair of pants! Sew easy!! (Waa-Waa!)

And I have a ton! Well a few at least. Like this bag.
Here they are all folded and neat looking. There was even a cami in there.20140211-170010.jpg

I limited down to 2 choices. I really wanted cool back pockets.20140211-170225.jpg

I went with the light ones.
Got my tools ready…(trust me, I’m gonna need the seam ripper)

And here is the reason these jeans ended up in the bag… holes…

Then I CHOPPED the legs off!! (BA-HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!)
Looks like I made a pair of $60 shorts! jk!

I turned them inside out and did a quick straight line.20140211-171703.jpg

Flipped them inside out! Look! So cute!

Now to sew up some of the holes!!


I used left over jean to make a strap…this is my attempt at cutting straight…as you can see from exhibit A…I suck.20140211-173037.jpg

I fixed it…kind of and used some extra biding tape.


And here it is! All finished up! It works really well. 20140211-173343.jpg

So yes. I’m finished. It hasn’t fallen apart yet. And I am the best person to do that if I do say so myself. 🙂

Happy sewing days.
And May the bobbin be ever in your favor!



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