Poor Little Snobby Bratty Pepper

Poor Pepper.
She’s such an old lady.
Brandon has a cat, she is older than our other 3. That’s right…I said 3.
She is older, like about 8 years old. Which in cat years is like 2000. Not really. But she’s old. I call her the old lady.
Pepper has been through a lot in her life. Brandon got her in college, but when he moved a year later I took her for about two days then she went to his grandmas farm where she ran away for almost a year living as a wild cat on the farm. She is small, a small cat compared to other cats. She was beat up a lot and eventually came home with sores, scabs, and worms.
Brandon got her treated and fixed up and all better, physically.
She was emotionally not well though. Hates me completely and totally anxious and stressed out.
She started licking all the hair off her body.
So we got another cat. Kitten. Really original name I know!
She stopped licking all the fur off her body. Then we moved and Kitten had babies and we now have 4 cats….yup.

Well crazy, neurotic, stressed out Pepper hates everyone, except Brandon, and we were having a very difficult time getting her downstairs to get food and use the litter box. Partly because of Pepper and partly because of Kitten and the kittens.

So we had to make adjustments for her, but I didn’t want a gross litter box in any of our rooms like we had in the past, or out in the open on the landing. So I made her her own little stand.
Or really repurposed one.

I found many helpful and creative ideas on how to hide cat box on Pinterest.

For lack of wanting to buy a cabinet or closet fixture I went with the curtained option.

The origional design was stapled, but i wanted to be able to remove and clean the curtains if I needed to. So I bought some cheap curtain rods, like $3 or $4. And since it was pushed up against the wall, I only did 3 curtains.

I had to attach an extra piece of wood to each side to hang curtain rods.IMG_2133.JPG

I got some fabric from the store and made little curtains. Fortunately curtains are easy straight lines. I can do that!!
Pepper loves Brandon’s Duck blanket and while it doesn’t match the curtains I got, they both insisted it stayed. Yes…both Brandon and Pepper insisted.

This shelf unit we used has this little space in the back perfect for a food and water dish.

And duh-duh-duh-duh!!! Curtained cat box!!! She gets privacy, food and water, and a place to sleep.

Hopefully she will be a happy cat from now on and not pee on anything. Like the bed. Or chairs. Or towels. Or bath mats. Or the carpet.


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