Garlic and Brown Sugar (and Onion) Chicken. And some PO-TAY-TOES!!

Yum Yum Food Time!! Wiiiiith BECKY!!!!!

I got very much used to Brandon cooking meals. Which was awesome! But as all things change, so did this. (You mean I have to get off the couch and be a grown up!?)
And I got tired very quickly of hearing “what’s for dinner?” every night.
“What’s for dinner?”
“What kind of food?”
“The good kind of food”
“What good kind of food?”
“The kind you eat.”
“What good kind of food that you eat?”
“The kind you are gonna get.”
“What is it?”

And so on and so forth…
Till he got tired of asking.

He still does cook. Mostly meat. Especially steak.
I love it when he cooks. Sometimes he surprises me.
Like yesterday.
The menu was grilled cheese and soup. It was a blustery, rainy, grey, perfect day for grilled cheese and soup.
He surprised me by making chicken noodle from scratch!
Then he surprised me again when he said he didn’t know how to make grilled cheese…
Apparently he is unsure which side of the bread to butter…
The complexity of buttered bread is always a mystery to mankind….

Today’s meal choice is was vague… chicken and potatoes…
Good job Becky… vague chicken and potatoes.

I didn’t want to take a whole lot of time with it though. SO for your enjoyment, a quick dinner. About 10 minutes prep, 30 minutes cook time (At the most)

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast
3 tsp. Olive Oil
4 Garlic Cloves, minced
4 Tbs. Brown Sugar
(I added onion, cause I love onion)

Saute garlic (AND ONION!!!) in the olive oil till tender.
20140129-213206.jpg Olive Oil looks so pretty in swirls… 🙂
20140129-213300.jpg Freshly chopped!
20140129-213405.jpg I have a nice jar of pre-minced garlic. LOVE IT!!
Remove from heat and stir in brown sugar.
20140129-213638.jpg Love how it melts!
Lightly grease baking dish and cover chicken with brown sugar garlic (AND ONION) mixture.
20140129-213811.jpg Look at that yummy-ness!!
Add salt and pepper to taste. Bake at 500 for 15-30 minutes! And done!
20140129-213922.jpg Look at that deliciousness!! YUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!


Fried Potatoes

Easy peasy side dish. Thank you to my dear friend Hannah for this awesome recipie.

20140129-214047.jpg (Salt too)


20140129-214213.jpg (I added some extra something-something! It’s…..something….I forget which something)

Seriously. Be careful. Grease spatter hurts.

Yum Yum Seriously.
Look at that

That’s all.

Have fun!



The Magic is in the Words

Have you ever thought about reading? Not like the action of reading, like ‘you should read a book’ or something like that. But the actual action of reading. Like what it is, how we process it. We memorize 26 letters. Then the letters are strung together to create words and we memorize those. And in those beautiful words are deep meaning, and understanding, and emotion. And these words we have learned by heart, when put together, can evoke such emotions in us. They can make us laugh, and cry, and hurt, and angry, and confused. They can spark ideas. They can spread understanding. They touch you in ways that you don’t even understand.
Reading is beautiful. Books are beautiful. People who can use these words to change the world, or even one person, are beautiful.
br />20140114-141852.jpg

I love to read. I always have. I love to walk into a book store. I smell books. I collect them and display them. I re-read books. I carry a book with me everywhere I go, just in case. I read 3-5 books at a time. I never think I have too many books, just not enough space. I read every kind I can get my hands on.

I once read over 200 books in 3 months. I was about 7 or 8. I kept the list of all the books I read too. I read picture books, chapter books, fiction, non-fiction, anything. And I am still the same.

I like to read all kinds of books. The majority are fiction, but even in that there are tons of types! I read Young Adult Fiction, Juvenile Fiction (there is a difference between the two, like the difference between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Hunger Games. I read Adult Fiction, I read books from other countries, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Westerns, Christian, Classics. Everything. I can’t help it. My soul cries out for books and books and more books.

When people ask me what I would do if I didn’t have to do anything, I usually say read. I would. Honest. I have been to midnight release parties, I have stayed up past bedtimes, I eat and read at the same time. And I keep a record. I have a journal of books I’ve read where I write down things about the book, so I can go back and look again. I have missed doing that on a few books here and there, but I try to get them all.

There are so many quotes and things about books and readers that I have found on Pinterest that I totally agree with and completely describes me. I would post them all but I won’t, for your sake really. I will attach my link to my board though, so maybe you can find some things that are the same for you, if you are a reader, or discover some things about readers.

And for those of you that wonder, if there are any of you out there, readers like myself are the easiest to buy for. Seriously. Books. Or anything to do with books. How happy would a reader be to get more bookshelves!? We never have enough space for our books. Or bookmarks. I have tons of bookmarks but I hardly ever use them cause I never can find them when I need them. I end up using receipts and gift cards. Or book ends, we love book ends. Or a book care kit. Or a personalized book embosser for their own books?
I was originally going to share the book I just finished. However this post is long enough I think. I will therefore wait for my next post to review the book I just finished, Divergent by Veronica Roth. And I will link it to here when I do.

Until then!

Oh and always ALWAYS read the book for the movie. And If you can read it before you see the movie. The book is always better and it will help you understand the movie so much more if you do.20140114-141528.jpg

No More Resolutions!

Happy New Year everyone!
It’s 2014 and it’s time for a new look! Don’t ya’ think? Well I did.

Make any resolutions? Yeah…me neither. I don’t like making resolutions because I break them. Don’t we all. I really think it’s partly because we are ingrained that way from childhood. Instead of seeing of our parents make resolutions and follow through, they quit and give up and then laugh about it or feel bad and complain about their failure. And then the next year they do the same. So we learn that that is part of being an adult and growing up. We must make resolutions with unreal expectations and then give it up before the end of the month and do it again then next year.

You know what we call that? Insanity.

I hope that wasn’t to depressing.
I’ve decided that instead of telling myself, and anyone who will listen, a ‘resolution’, I will instead make a life choice. Not like in a serious “THIS IS MY LIFE CHOICE FOR ALL TIME”. Instead I see it as a choice I am making to add something or change something about my life. And I’m not waiting till the end of a year, or beginning of the year, because of all the things I have learned these past 27-ish years, it’s that every day is special. Every day counts and once the day is gone it is gone. There is no magic in a day but what you put into it.
Really I say this to get myself off my bum and do something with it instead of waiting till tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

With all that said, what do I wan’t to change in my life?

1. I guess first I would like to be more active. I need some physical activeness in my life. How will I achieve this? I suppose I will walk more. At least twice a week take a walk. Hopefully 3 times. In the near future, I would like to really do some dance or something. I really miss that. Dance or Zumba or something. I need to look into that. Something fun and active.

2. I want to blog more. Not every day, but again like 2-3 times a week. A regular blog schedule. Which means a schedule itself. So it’s time to pull out a schedule and pencil in the days and topics I want to blog about.

I think that’s pretty good for now. There are some other things I’d like to do with my life and time this year. I want to avoid making a whole bunch of “Things to do” list that will get discarded in a few weeks. I’m sure to add more to my life choice list for 2014 as the year goes on.

What about you? What do you want to do this year?
Did you make a resolution?



Master Bedroom Makeover: DIY Headboard

I enjoy doing projects around the house! It’s fun to make up your home and personalize it.
I found this thing on Pinterest… All my sentences start that way now.

FYI: I freaking love Pinterest!

So this thing I found was a DIY headboard.
The poster, who blogged about her headboard, made it for super cheap. She got pretty much all her materials on sale. I had some sale items but not all the super cheapness she had.
Honestly this was a very simple project.

Board for headboard. I used press board. It was like $9.00 ish
Fabric. Brandon picked it out, I let him lol. From goodwill about $5.00
Batting. Used a coupon from Joann’s so it came to about $10.00
Buttons. About $6.00

So my total cost was around $30.00. Comparatively that is a good price. I picked my color I wanted, or Brandon did, the style I wanted, plus good quality time spent making a project as a couple!! So $30 is a good price to pay, especially when a movie costs about that now. -_-

I’m just gonna post the pics as steps and give a few suggestions here and there. For the full step by step written directions check out her post. 🙂

DIY Headboard

1. Measure if you need to and cut to size. That’s what Brandon’s doing here.


2. When putting the batting and the fabric on, make sure you floor is clear and you stretch it tight. And use a staple gun.

IMG_0380 IMG_0381

3. Measure twice, mark once! She suggested doing staples where you want the buttons to go to create the indents.


4.Brandon’s idea for hanging it was to use washers to protect the fabric and batting and screw it straight into the wall where I hot glued the buttons to cover the screws.




Please excuse the mess. We have rearranged our room a bit. I will post more as we finish it up. I really love being able to personalize my home. Even if I won’t be here forever, I can make this place beautiful for the next people. 🙂

Taming the Savage Beast

I’ve heard it said that your hair is your Crown Of Glory.

But sometimes I feel like it’s a beast that resides upon my head. Seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t leave my hair in a jumble of tangles all the time, though I’m sure my hair would love if I would just LEAVE IT ALONE!!

I have the Amazing, Wonderous, Incredible, Joy, burden… of curly hair. How this happened, I have no idea… My brothers and I all have it.

brothers and i

We were young here…like 9 years ago young. Such a happy group…now my brothers have respectable hair cuts.

My theory is that God only picks the most brave and valiant of heart and spirit to carry the burden of curly hair.

OOORRRR….. It’s what happens when you have a mom with very kinky African hair, and a dad with very straight, baby soft hair. I’m not sure which….

So I have struggled with most of my life with this curly hair. And when I was younger, like 5-11 years old I didn’t have curly hair! It was thick and wavy and very naughty, knotty. My mom would spend HOURS coming out the rat nest on my head. And I don’t know if your mom ever combed your hair out, but when ever my mom, and specifically my mom, would start to comb my hair it felt like she was ripping out my hair!! I don’t know why it was always like this but it was! And it was only her. Anyone else and it was fine, but as soon as she touched it with a brush! Forget it!

After 27 years though, I think I’ve got a pretty good system down. Kind of…sort of…maybe… I’M TRYING OK!!!?

When people ask me about my “beautiful curly”  hair, it usually goes like this:

curly hair 5


This last weekend I had a very nice lady ask me how I did my hair, and I realized there is a  lot of things I do.

First let me say these 2 things that I believe not everyone realizes:

curly hair 6 curly hair 3

And most frustratingly for me is:

curly hair 2 I say this all the time. There is no guarantee that what I did the day before will work again. And it’s probably good odds that when I DO have a good hair day, I’m not leaving the house.

So here is a quick run down of what I have done and achieved better hair results in return. But honestly take this with the understanding that this process works about 80% of the time to get it to do what I want.

1. Curly hair is inherently dry. It is always looking for moisture, not outside moisture and humidity which can totally frizz your hair out. I’m talking “my hair has had a nice glass of water to drink” moisturized. (So to speak)

2. In that respect, No more shampoos! Shampoos strip my hair of the very little moisture it already has! So no more!

            There are products called “No-poo” designed by a company called….something that starts with a D….wait it’ll come to me…..ya never mind, I’ll post it when I remember. All I know is it’s expensive!

3. When I do need to cleanse my scalp I use 2 Tbs. baking soda mixed with enough water to make a paste (Massage and rinse out). Followed by 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, fill the rest of the cup with water and use as a 2nd rinse

       Do every other day. Or whenever…I do it like once a week.

4. Conditioner! Its job is to hydrate your hair! Use it! The important thing to remember is not to rinse it all the way out. I put it on my hair at the beginning of my shower, and leave it to the end, then partual rinse it out so my hair is still slick feeling. As for the type…what ever you can get really.

Curly hair 4

I guess this is true of me, but it’s more like I don’t remember what I even used the month before. So I just look for something that is super hydrating.

5. Micro-Fiber towel. I always use one now, it’s like hand sized, just for my hair. I take it when I travel too, because one terry cloth towel on my hair=2 months of breakage. Think I’m joking!? I’m not.

       The micro-fiber doesn’t catch my hair and break it so I no longer have fly away’s that are always sticking out of my hair causing this fuzzy halo. I SERIOUSLY HATE THAT!  It pretty much has made me want to shave my head, and was part of the reason I went so short with my hair.

6. Gel. I use to use moose. But gel is better.

7. Blow Dry. Some people say  no to this but I really have to. Flip my head upside down and dry it. Especially the roots or else my scalp gets itchy, and the ends so they don’t drip all over my clothes. Get a diffuser attachment if you are worried about it.

8. No Hair Brushes or Combs. I used to believe the lie that certain brushes would work for curly hair. LIES!!!! There is no such brush. I have not brushed my hair in over a year. I rarely get knots, probably from all the conditioner that slicks them out.. and if I do get one I just carefully rip it out. Yeah, you heard me…RIP.

In summary, I’ve stuck with that basic routine for about a year and half and have better than I ever thought possible results. Nothing perfect yet…

This is Just so you get an idea here is what it looks like in the morning. IMG_0036

Yes so lovely I know…And that is with having my hair in a bun all night. I shudder at what it might look like if I actually left it down when I slept…. *shudder*

IMG_0131 (Make up not part of the routine, but definitely helps)

After that routine it usually looks like this. And no my hair is not all the way dry here. I blow dry it to take the edge off and try to let it air dry the rest of the way. Or else I’ll be in there with the hair dryer for 2 hours…no lie.

Well One day I decided to throw it all away for the glory of this!!

IMG_0038 IMG_0037

And it only took 2 hours!! And seriously.. Layers…

curly hair 7

It lasted for abut 4 hours before it got so crazy frizzy that I had to pull it into a pony tail anyway.

It also showed me that though my AWFUL cutting job on my hair in the past is well covered by my curls, they are SOO apparent when I straighten it.

Looks like I took a dull knife to it in the dark….

So I’m back on my routine… it’s working so far. even if I do leave it pinned up most of time…my hair seriously thick and hot!

So if you have curly hair let me know what you do or use that brings you success!?

Or if you learned anything here today!

And if you try any of these tricks, let me know how it works for you!

And if you don’t have curly hair, well…you can tell me anything you want I guess…I’ve got nothing….really…








Home Sweet Home

Recently my husband and I relocated. Only a few hours away from where we were. We now live in astoria Oregon. Pretty much the most northwestern tip of Oregon. It’s been about 2 months and I have not really posted any pics of our new place!! Yikes!

So here you go! These are some shots of the outside! So gorgeous right?!
And the amazing front door!!

Ooooh! And we have custom fireplaces in each major room!!
This is one of two staircases we have!
Our stove is a little old so we need to replace that…

What’s that you say!? You don’t believe I live here!!!?

Well you’d be right. I don’t live here. In face this is a museum. It is the Flavel house museum. It is gorgeous and amazing! I totes recommend checking it out if you are ever here in Astoria! There is so much awesomeness with this home and the history of this founding family that I wools really just bore you with all the details.
Instead I will show you our actual home. 🙂

This is our lovely home! It def needs a new paint job and some updates here and there but all in good time!
This is our basement door! Right off the main street. It will hopefully be a studio 🙂20131015-230658.jpg
So this is the front door! Where I would greet you! The guest!20131015-231306.jpg
We have a lovely front entrance area with an AMAZING view! So expect a lot of pics of our front window!20131015-231422.jpg
We have a separate living room area! Which is awesome since our previous place was more like one large room of kitchen, dining room and living room. Now we have 3 different rooms!!20131015-231730.jpg
Dining Room (With Brandon hard at work…no really he is)20131015-232232.jpg
And our kitchen!20131015-232240.jpg
Our half bath behind our fridge.20131015-232813.jpg
And here is Pepper on the stairs leading upstairs! 20131015-233101.jpg
And the landing to our bathroom and three bedrooms! I still can’t believe we have 3 bedrooms! Weird!20131015-233305.jpg
And now we are at our second bathroom. 20131015-232837.jpg
Brandon’s room: he wanted his own closet!20131015-233512.jpg20131015-233523.jpg
Our Bedroom 2x the size we previously had. We seriously looked at eachother and said “what do we do with all this space!?” Oh and pardon the disorder, cause, ya know…I live here.20131015-233534.jpg20131015-233540.jpg20131015-233547.jpg
And my office! Half for Mary Kay and half for my Krafty Crafts!!20131015-233610.jpg
Seriously guys! Expect A LOT of posts with projects!

And lastly, for now at least, the basement.
So there is a lot of work to be done. Trust me there is a long list of TO DO here. But it’s good. So I will keep you updated on our home updates!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

If you grew up in the 90’s you are most likely familiar with the huge sensation known as Pokemon. I remember the tv show. Memorizing the Poke-rap. (Charmeeleon, WARTOTOLE, Mewtwo, Tentacruel, AroDACtle!) Collecting the cards, and battling them 🙂 and of course the awesome video games!

I remember with my very first pack of Pokemon cards I got a HOLOGRAPHIC Zapados!! And I traded it! TRADED IT!!! For what you ask? A Ponyta! A freaking PONYTA!! well that is all in the past now (sniff…)

Excellent and Amazing!:20130922-133742.jpg
Totally Awful!:20130922-133811.jpg
I remember sitting in the living room organizing all my cards in my binder and battling my brothers. My mom once tried to get us to stop saying that there was nothing good out of this “game”, but I reasoned that Pokemon actually is good because we have to practice our math skills (adding, multiplying subtracting), and work out strategies. She left us alone after that.
20130922-133903.jpg (Did you know they had actual tournaments?)

I remember the Pokemon movies and the soundtracks. (Such great songs!!) And playing the games on the Gameboy Pocket. The best one being the yellow one when you get to have Pikachu follow you around.
20130922-134111.jpg(The BEST gameboy too! For those big Pokemon enthusiasts….maybe I had one…I’ll never tell)
20130922-134118.jpg20130922-134132.jpg (I LOVED playing both of these! I am still on the lookout for Pokemon snap and of COURSE I have an N64!)

I eventually grew out of the cards and show. Right around the time they added new Pokemon for the 2nd time bring the total to around 300ish I think. Or maybe it was the 3rd movie? I don’t remember exactly. And through high school and college and on I have gone back and forth playing Pokemon. I remember even asking my brother to get me a new Pokemon game for my DS as a birthday gift in college! Of course there were so many more Pokemon by this time I didn’t know half of them and it seemed like they lost a lot of their creativity.
Or maybe it was just my young impressionable mind that found the ironically named Pokemon of the first and second installments, back when my mind was young and impressionable, quirky and smart and fun! And as I aged I found my interest waned in the land of Pokemon.

In college and afterwards though, Pokemon was a great gateway to talk to kids. Kids respond better when you are on their level and know what they are talking about. And while some of my Pokemon knowledge was a little dated, the core of it was, and is, still there and relative. (the same goes for video games but that’s for a different post).

I find myself, now and then, feeling nostalgic, and I have a need to go back to the “good ‘ol days”. When things were simpler. Where the biggest struggle being if trading a Pokemon was a good idea or not. So I went back to listening to my Pokemon music playlist, and dusted off my DS to restart my game.

Then I thought about how we used to watch Pokemon during the week, my brothers and I that is. After school sitting down on the living room floor with our little snacks watching the 23 minute episodes of Ash Ketchum on his adveture to “Catch ‘Em All”. Thinking how can a mom let her 10 year old son just go off on his own and travlel!? And why can’t I do that!? I found myself in a place of want. Want to see those classic episodes again. So I did some digging and found some episodes and have been watching them! OH MAN! The memories! The bad puns! The Cheap Kid Animation! It’s so AWESOME!!!

And ya know when I was a kid I always wanted a phone system like they had on Pokemon. The one with the video screen with the phone. And now I have an IPhone! HA! It’s funny how things work out that way isn’t it. Now all I need is that awesome ring tone “Ring Ring Ring! Ring Ring Ring! Phone Call! Phone Call!” (hee hee)

And of course it wouldn’t be classic Pokemon without Team Rocket and Jesse and James! As I was listening to their classic entrance poem I really started listening to it. Here it is in case you have forgotten it or have never heard it:

“To protect the world from devastation,
to unite all peoples within our nation.
To denounce the evils of truth and love,
to extend our reach to the stars above.
Jesse, James. Team Rocket blasts off with the speed of light,
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
(Meeow! That’s right!)”

Really the important part is the first part. Team Rocket plays the “bad guys” in the show. Two people and a Pokemon working as thieves to find rare Pokemon and steal them. But why this awesome poem? I mean they are classic bad guys coming up with tricky ways, and devious plots to steal and trap trainers and Pokemon. And they always get blasted off in fair justice. If one thing can be said for them, and really “bad guys” in all types of cartoons, they never give up or get down despite the many times they loose. And every so often they even switch sides and end up being a good guy in the end. (IE: Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender. Again another post for another day)
20130922-134651.jpg (Bad Zuko=Ugly)
20130922-134658.jpg (Good Zuko= Hot)
(Seriously hot villains are really making me questions myself…another post for another day)

Well through the show you meet “The Boss” and other Team Rocket members and you think at first that maybe all of them have this motto. But no other Team Rocket members say this beautiful poem and “The Boss” is even annoyed by it when Jesse and James recite it to him. So MAYBE this poem is not the motto of Team Rocket but just a personal motto. It seems that perhaps Jesse and James are not as bad guy as they seem, perhaps confused as to what Team Rocket really is. We know they were kicked out of Pokemon Tech (a very expensive boarding school) so they are rich. And we know that they want rare Pokemon, or really their own collection of Pokemon, which I don’t know why thy don’t just catch them themselves…

I digress, the real reason I started this was the poem. The poem was very interesting. For a pair of people supposedly the “bad guys” this motto doesn’t seem to reflect that. Or maybe I just don’t get it.

“To protect the world from devastation” – Pretty self explanatory there. Protecting the world. Devastation is bad.

“To unite all peoples within our nation” – Sounds like what every nation should ideally strive for. Uniting their people.

“To denounce the evils of truth and love” – Does truth and love have evils? Some postulate no, but perhaps they do. The truth can hurt as much as set you free. Sometimes a person who tells the truth can be marked as a mean, rude, ruthless,even evil person. But truth is not evil when used correctly.
Let’s not forget that “All’s fair in love and war”. Some people take this as a personal motto and use it to validate the cruelty of their actions as love. But real love is never evil.

“Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast. It is not proud, it is not rude, Love is never self seeking. Love is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful and trusting. Love never fails” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

See! No evil

“To extend our reach to the stars above” – Reaching for their full potential. Not bad!

So in the end their motto is very inspiring! Really! How did they end up mixed in with this crazy group!?

I volunteer my time and energy to discover this! I will watch as many episodes as it takes to discover the truth! You’re welcome! 🙂

Now tell me your favorites! Favorite Pokemon game. Blue? Red? Yellow? Gold? Silver?
Favorite Pokemon?
Favorite Hot villian? (Give me some so I can write about it!!)
Favorite Children’s show you TOTALLY Loved?
Anything else you wanna tell me?

Becky20130922-134916.jpg P.S. Vulpix is Totally the cutest Pokemon EVEAH!!!